where can you download family guy?

I want to download all the episodes of family guy but I do not want to sing in to get them.

Also I do not want it to be illegal


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monsterlego5 years ago
Yeah, i don't think singing is going to get you very far.
cool knex13 (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
What do you mean?
You said "i do not want to sing in"
Vyger5 years ago
TVtorrents is one of the best sights. But you have to be a member. That is partly why they are one of the best sights.

Vyger Vyger5 years ago
By the way, in case anyone is wondering, TV torrents is a legal sight. They have strict restrictions on what they allow. Everything has to have been publicly broadcast including movies which they rarely have.
TV shows that are recorded from broadcasts can be shared with others. Other wise all the Tivo machines and every other kind of DVR would have to be banned.
They do not allow any sports, pay per view or anything else that has not been on public TV. In this way they are not violating copyrights. You have to be a member, but membership is free. If you violate the rules you will get banned.
That is completely innaccurate.
Without getting to deep into it, its called "fair use"
And a couple of quotes I found with just a little research,

This is the problem one faces when deciding on the legality or illegality of downloading television shows. In at least the US, it is legal to use a digital recording device to download television shows for private viewing. In a copyright law sense

And a current case that is before a court

"In recent years, DVRs have begun to replace VCRs. DVRs, which were first introduced in 1999 and which Cablevision has provided to its customers since 2004, allow consumers to store recorded television programming for later viewing on a hard drive located within a set-top box connected to the consumer’s television set.

No programmer has ever sued over Cablevision’s (or any other DVR provider’s) practice of supplying traditional set-top storage DVRs to its customers. Thus, the technology that consumers use to time-shift television programming has progressed (from the Betamax to the VCR and now the DVR), but the principle that time shifting is fair use has remained settled law under Sony, and the provision of technology to allow consumers to time shift has remained unchallenged.

This case is about Cablevision’s new product offering, the RS-DVR. The RS-DVR, like traditional set-top storage DVRs, remains a timeshifting device that facilitates customer fair use. The functionality and technology of the RS-DVR are identical to traditional set-top storage DVRs in all relevant respects; the only change is to the physical location at which programs recorded by Cablevision’s customers are stored. . . .

In sum, because the RS-DVR — like the Betamax, the VCR and the traditional set-top storage DVR before it — enables consumers to do nothing more than record television programming for later personal viewing, it does not infringe copyrights."

SO -- You can't make recordings and sell them, and you can't rebroadcast them, but you can make them for later viewing. And by the way, the laws are different depending on what country you live in but from what I can see almost every country has a fair use law or a "time shifting" law that allows for the recording of broadcast TV for later viewing.
cool knex13 (author)  Vyger5 years ago
Thanks but I am in the UK not in the US
Thermionic5 years ago
The best place, is one street north of Fifth Ave, there's an alley on the west side, go down the alley, turn left and you should see a wooden crate. Look under that crate, and then stop asking questions about illegally downloading copyrighted material. This isnt the place for that. Pay for it, or dont watch it.
cool knex13 (author)  Thermionic5 years ago
O ha ha :P

you do know I do not like braking the law I was just wondering if you could download legal tv shows
I checked under the crate, i found a sandwich!!! XD
(+1 btw)