where can you get altoids boxes?

 instead of purchasing in a publix, where else could you get altoid boxes for free????

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EpicZombie7 years ago
if you are a addict to it and have the same question then just use the tins :)
Silas A. D.7 years ago
It would be gross but, the trash. :)
Re-design7 years ago
Altoids oughta sell the empty boxes for half price.  They'd make out like bandits.
Plus shipping and handling, of course. Minimum quantity 24.
lemonie7 years ago
Do you know any mint-addicts?

Ask the store owner if you can put up a sign offering to pay five cents for each altoids box. That might convince folks to save 'em for you. Or you can discard your dignity and go hunting through your neighborhood's recycling.

(Note that there's nothing magical about the Altoids container. There are other candies/coughdrops which come in similar boxes. And other products which  come in similar boxes, though plastic is more common than metal these days.)

But -- seriously -- even if you discard the contents, the box is pretty darned cheap.

You're forgetting that anything tagged with "Altoids" is a guaranteed sure instant -win , because it's an Altoids tin.

I'm not forgetting it -- I'm deliberately trying to break that meme (except when the contest is actively sponsored by Altoids, of course).

It's a fine candy, but the monomania about the box really is excessive.
Ditto. (I've forgotten to find that sarcasm symbol & use it)