where can you get good airsoft equipment?


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bwilson216 years ago
go to airsoft megastore theY got good gear but crap weapon packages
Vertigo6668 years ago
Recommended: ASGI (Airsoft GI)- for guns, MOLLE gear, upgrade stuff Airsoft Atlanta- guns, upgrades/accessories Airsoft Extreme- rare(er) guns Any surplus store for gear, BDU's not so good: Shorty's selection sucks. Airsplat overprices. Evike's customer service sucks, but they're good for getting bb's on the cheap Hobbytron. Seriously, they are like the spider at the end of "It".
oniman78 years ago
Shortyusa.com and airsplat.com have decent priced airsoft guns and some limited equipment. Places such as rangerjoes.com have Military level equipment, though some of it is a bit pricey. If you want good equipment for cheap, try an army/navy surplus store.
pyramidair.com, airsplat.com, ebay,com, and others.