where can you get the paper for paper mache?

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Newspapers are a common source. Curbside trash is public property, free for the taking so it might be the same for papers in recycling bins.
i3dpple7 years ago
most poeple have the yellow pages (phone book) so if you cut up the pages in to long strips that could work
acidbass7 years ago
 news paper and printer paper but just make sure you shred the paper into 6 inch long strips
Kiteman8 years ago

I watched a chap skin stuff and mount an owl, once.  There was no papiermache involved at all.

lemonie8 years ago
Are you wanting this for a specific taxidermy project?

Any paper will work. Different kinds of paper give different textures, so you may want to experiment until you find one you like working with. My favorite general-purpose recipe for finishing layers is toilet paper blended with water in a blender, then drained and a little PVA glue added.
For a smoother texture, try blending printer paper instead (used works just as well as new, and laser print doesn't bleed or smudge all over everything).
For the structural layers, strips of newspaper and a little diluted PVA allow you to build a sturdy foundation pretty quickly. If you need it to be very strong, brown paper towels make a heck of a strong understructure, and the texture good enough for work as a finish layer without too much extra work.
And for the really large stuff, chicken wire makes a good foundation
Re-design8 years ago
I like paper towels.  Plain white paper towels.  Or newsprint books from the art store.  I don't like all that ink.
Old newspaper and phone books.