where could I get flashing leds?

Have you ever bought flashing leds? From what store? What is the cheapest? Please give a link if from ebay

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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
followed my advice eh?


type 'flashing' into the search window at the left-hand corner
Futurlec's shipping is EXPENSIVE!!!
it's not that bad
Have bought from Radio Shack (stupid expensive but needed right away) and DigiKey (cheaper but needs shipping). No idea where to get them if even cheaper are needed. Both served their purpose at the time (getting them into my hand right at that time at several thousand per cent mark up and getting some to play with though not exactly pricing for bulk).
lemonie8 years ago
I found some in a "cheap shop" - they were mounted under nasty-cheap glass crucifixes - bottom, bottom end of retail you'll probably find something similar. L
led2358 years ago
Hope this works>>> www.goldmine-elec.com huge led section, u might try to look at the many other sections, there is a .50 cents section, and MORE !!!