where could i get a piezo buzzer for free. (for a guitar pickup...)?

i want to know where could i get a piezo buzzer (such as in an old radio alarm, where i could recuperate or does any company give free samples?) it is to make a pickup for an acoustic guitar! Thanks!

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It's as easy as taking toys from a baby--well maybe you should use broken toys and remove the piezos from them.
lemonie8 years ago
I'm not too sure piezo's are that good pickups - don't they usually have some kind of microphone for acoustics? L
They make decent pickups. I've been making them for many years now. They are better than a lot of low-end commercial products I've seen... and it couldn't be simpler. Wire a piezo buzzer to a 1/4" female jack and stick the buzzer onto your acoustic guitar. Cover it up with a bottle cap or a piece of felt. It'll absorb more sound from the body of your guitar, which delivers a nice warm tone.

If you find yourself with a choice of piezo elements, select the biggest diameter you can find, and the thinnest one of that size.

There's a cheap product called "The Cap" which is a commercialized version of this. http://www.theguitarfiles.com/product_id-1303.html It works pretty good too, but I find it's quite tinny for some reason.

Very cool! Thanks for that info... So simple, it's beautiful! One of those, "Why didn't I think of that" That's what is so valuable about sharing information...

Useful information, I guess the type of buzzer and how you fix it affects the tone?

Bang-on... but since they`re so easy to work with... I suggest trying a bunch of different buzzers when they become available. I`ve got my eye on a big one that`s a part of my mp3 player. As soon as I upgrade to a new player, that buzzer is coming out, and hopefully I`ll be doing an Instructable on the subject.. 1"-diameter elements are quite common and they give a fairly even tone.. Plus a beer or soda cap fits over them perfectly (use hot glue to insulate aurally AND electrically) so you can pretty it up in one step. Other sizes you might want to hide inside the guitar.
Thanks again, giving me ideas...

No sweat, you're a great user here. I hope to consider us friends :)
There aren't too many people trying to answer these questions, you're a familiar face (so to speak!) - consider it mutual L
Mine came from a musical greeting card. Yeah they work rather well as a contact pickup. Not really studio-worthy, but way better than no pickup or a cheapo microphone.
CameronSS8 years ago
Look any any small electronic device that buzzes, beeps, squeals, chirps, etc. If it's small and it only made electronic noises, it's probably a piezo disc, not a speaker.
XOIIO8 years ago
Well, if your looking for a buzzer, get one at radio shack, or the source as it's now called for 5 bucks, but i think lemonie is right.