where do i buy a bar2d2 made in 2009?

i want to buy a bar2d2.i want the one made in 2009 that has a laptop.

jamiep6 years ago
I am the creator of BaR2D2. Currently, there is only one. The original version had the manual bottles up top. I later replaced that with the automated system that runs off a laptop. The most recent version now runs on a handheld PDA device so it's much more portable.

As for buying one, since there is only one, it would take a good ammount of $$ for me to sell it.... but throw a number out there and you never know...

orksecurity6 years ago
Put a "wanted" note onto eBay and hope someone has one they're willing to sell at a price you're willing to pay. Or websearch and hope that finds one.