where do i find people to play airsoft with?

one of my friends has a spring pistol and another friend has a mini electric, but those are no match for my full scale electric M-4. Where do I find people to play with?

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vince 098 years ago
ask around your neighborhood or possibly help your friends get better guns, I've got a UTG M324s spring sniper rifle its OK could be way better I need a new spring
nerfer (author)  vince 098 years ago
one of my friends is getting a spring sniper now. (yes!! now we might be able to play!!!) (it was quite odd for him to buy a 400 fps sniper rifle as his first airsoft gun)
My friend did that too except his broke after a couple months.
vince 09 nerfer8 years ago
ya man my first gun was a full size m-4 aeg and thats what got my friends into it we had a huge field lol.
Ask around. See if there are any other people that do airsoft and live near you. As for going to a paintball-airsoft complex, the people that go to those are normal hardcore airsofters with amazing guns and would destroy you within minutes. Unless you think that you can take them on, stay away from places like that.
EPL8 years ago
I would suggest going to a paintball-airsoft complex. There is usually a good amount of people!!
vince 098 years ago
ya man thats how most of my friends started too. I'm more for the go big or go home lol thats why my first two motors were big blocks lol
On online forums dedicated to airsoft probally.