where do i get the screamin serpent knex coaster other than online???

i really want the knex screamin serpent knex coaster but i cant find it anywhere (i live in london, ontario)

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JMrocks7 years ago

from ur grandmother.  

cupcake437 years ago
u can tri lots of places like yard sales, craigslist, ebay, and goodwill stores.

i bui knex at goodwill stores cuz there cheap.
rybubbles (author) 8 years ago
thanks but i dont really know how ebay works...................:(
Registering isn't hard at all. There's lots of help pages on eBay if you don't know how to use it.
I found one a a yard sale for a few bucks. So if you can't do ebay do yard sales.
Shadowman398 years ago
You might find one at yard sales or Goodwill. I would recommend buying one online though, because it's much easier.
check here if it helps at all


i dont think this toy model is made in canada which sucks because every one loves knex