where does everyone buy led lights? its a new thing i wanna try need to no where to get them... please and thank you.

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BOOM56018 years ago
Well, there are quite a few places.  Depends on where you live.  However, you can go to Farnell, and at the bottom of the page there should be link "Purchase from a local distributor".  It will take you to another page, and just find your country.
BrittanyD42 years ago

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BrittanyD42 years ago


Hi there, why not buy from a reliable Chinese manufacturer directly? We started manufacturing LED lights typically led tube t8, led panel light and led strips since 2008 in China. We deliver good quality and moderate price. CE, UL/CUL, RoHS compliant with Minimum 2 years warranty.

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project-frameless-led-panel-light1.jpgtuv led tube t8.jpg2835 LED flexible strip1.jpg
It all depends, but if you want to get them delivered from the USA (takes much less time), you might have to do some searching.

You might want to check this out - http://stores.ebay.com/UPGRADE-INDUSTRIES

I found this place on Ebay that does free shipping from within the US and the quality is as good as you can ask for from LEDs. It's about as cheap as you can get, even compared to China. I got my LEDs within a week.

For comparison - SparkFun (often suggested for beginners) sells RGB leds for 1.50 to 2.50 each. On Ebay, you can get 10-25 for that price.
muchbuy4 years ago
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fanfan5 years ago
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instme3445 years ago
Try www.vozop.com

They have good LED products at low price.

i have bought from them, it is fast.
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youwin0075 years ago
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frank xia5 years ago
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ldmfkcel6 years ago
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cr8zdriver6 years ago
i got mine from Superdiscount LEDS, I upgraded my license plate lights with LED ones. http://www.superdiscountleds.com is there site
pakercai7 years ago
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pualchiao7 years ago
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nfarrow8 years ago
I bought some from http://www.ledshoppe.com they are dirt cheap too. :)
Depends where you are in the world