where is my comment number?

well, i check my amount of comments a lot by clicking on my name in comments and whatever, and this time i noticed the comment number was gone!!!!!! Please Help!

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knexsniper17 years ago
I think i may have a solution, and it ties in with my already proven "patches theory." basically, if u have a patch, then the patch renders your orange board "broken." it is a problem that has happened to many people, including me, and the way i fixed it was that i got rid of my patch.
if u don't have a patch right now, and u once did, then i believe that the comment ccumber disappearing is a procrastinated bug. in other words, the bug takes place a while after the patch is given.

to be honost, i think the patches are lame, as they do not mean anything at the slightest, and they ruin all orangeboards unless u pay instrucatbles. good marketing technique, bad for the "normal" users of this site.

I hope this helped! :)

Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
yeah, never got a patch....
oh really? in that case, i believe it may be a glitch in the system. it happened to me as well, so i believe it may be credited to interactions from "PRO" members.
i don't want to blame everything on them, but so far, my patches theory has been confirmed, and i believe that the going pro addition to this site may have caused this bug.
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
hmmmm, interesting....
I just checked my comment counter, and it is back up and running... with the incorrect number of comment count. I had over 1500 comments before, it shows only 600 some.
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
oh nooos!
i see that you comment counter is back up and running. is it the correct count? If it isn't, then i believe it may just be a reoccuring bug in the system that just affects people at random.
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
hey man, i looked, and it's not there, could you tell me what it's at?
it is right below ur forum topics
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
yeah, i see that, and i should have made over 1000 comments by now!
lol. I HAVE made over 1000 comments, but it shows i have a little over 600. who knows....
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
yeah, glitchy site :(
yea. it seems like the creators aren't even paying attention to the bug reports people fill out.
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
Seleziona (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
i will look!
grundisimo7 years ago
In the picture.
Seleziona (author)  grundisimo7 years ago
It happened to me too. probably due to some addition to the sight that put things out of whack. It sucks I know, but we'll just have to grin and bear it.
Seleziona (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
yeah, i guess so......
cj814997 years ago
don't worry its happened to more people than u
Seleziona (author)  cj814997 years ago
ya me too
Seleziona (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox7 years ago
oh no!!!!!!