where is the the step by step project for the woodbuilt propeller??

HELLO,I saw a project here at insructables that showed you step by step how the wooden prop was made with metal templates that I would imagine was in the downloadable pdf file which I could not access.Can anyone tell me how to get it.PLEASE REPLY.THANK YOU 

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I'm surprised it didn't appear in the related field to the right...
Use the search, in the top right...

AeroEngineer published this one
Re-design6 years ago
A hand built wooden prop. is a thing of beauty!
I wonder whether anyone makes decent-looking propeller blades to replace the flat things used in most ceiling fans. Keeping them light enough would be a challenge, but...

(I have a fan whose motor cowling already suggests the nose of a small plane; it'd be fun to complete that illusion.)
(Hm. Quick websearch suggests that I might be able to do something with doped fabric over a framework. Finicky construction, but it's a traditional aviation material, albeit not for this purpose.)
kelseymh6 years ago
Type "wooden propeller" into the search box. First hit.