where to buy solar cells in the uk?

can anybody help me to find a seller of monochrystaline or polychrystaline solar cells in the uk. there are some on ebay but none offer a gaurantee. i would like to buy in person if this is possible.
many thanks for reading.

Kiteman6 years ago
Maplins often stock some, but Solarbotics mail to the UK, and give plenty of data for each cell on their site.

john.the.plumber (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
thanks for the link kiteman! it seems after doing a bit of research the uk seems to be lagging behind! i have risked an ebay order! if all is good watch this space for my own instructable lol! or maybe destructable!!!!!!
rickharris6 years ago
Need MUCH more information before we can advise you. Purpose, size, rating etc. eg Maplin sell a battery trickle charger PV cell.
john.the.plumber (author)  rickharris6 years ago
many thanks rick! i will check it out!