where to find the best beyblade in california?

i need to know ppl

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monsterlego6 years ago
In order to find the best blade out there find blades with good parts (more stars the better) and mix the best parts until you come out with a super beyblade.

other than that find L dragos.
ilpug6 years ago
Wow, i thought I was the only one who ever had any interest in beyblades. I have a box of like 30, i should get them out and battle again.
IronWill ilpug5 years ago
yes, all over the world you were the only one
Invader Biz (author)  ilpug6 years ago
tell me some of your beys
Invader Biz (author) 6 years ago
ive tried that i got burn asertia monsterlego
Invader Biz (author)  monsterlego6 years ago
i think it is lacerta
Sorry you didn't put a comma so i thought you named the blade after me.
Invader Biz (author)  monsterlego6 years ago
i say make your own parts and customize it and giv it a name lik moonlight dragon
Invader Biz (author)  dragondor1016 years ago
it sounds cool but i go by the rules
iceng6 years ago
Did you search beyblade on Google or on eBay CA.
Is it a toon you are looking for or a toy effigy ?

Invader Biz (author) 6 years ago
i say it is Poison Serpent its good get it