where to get cheap figures for dungeons and dragons?

i play d&d and cant afford to buy miniature packs i lost the few tokens and 9 minis at my friends house PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my family is poor the only time i get to go to a place that sells that stuff is an hr drive.whenever i do get the chance i never get enough money.i can improvise i just dont know a website that prints scale tokens

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jacobdlyon6 years ago
You can use Scrabble pieces for your situation. You don't even need to glue the images on. Instead you can have the letters be different characters. I bet you could find a scrabble at the local Goodwill for under $5.
mochashakakong (author)  jacobdlyon6 years ago
Burf6 years ago
Just search google images for the tokens, save the images you need, print them out and glue them to a poker chip or piece of cardboard.
mochashakakong (author)  Burf6 years ago
ok mil try that but i still need dice
You can always substitute a home made spinner wheel for dice. Make several wheels with the number count you need on each to replace a die with a spinner wheel. That's what I always did when I was a kid.
mochashakakong (author)  Burf6 years ago
seandogue6 years ago
Re-purpose and modify some plastic "army men"?
mochashakakong (author)  seandogue6 years ago
i cnat do that because i play a midevil campaign.thay have guns.i use swords and crossbows i dont know how to mod army figures