where to get thumb sized neodimiyam magnets?

i want to make a speaker and i want thumb sized cilyndrical neodimiyam magnets.i live in bangladesh and radioshack or online shopping is not available.but my workshop is full of junks and can i salvage any magnet from there.i tried to buy these in shops but could not find it.please help.thanks for viewing and answering

Best source of old neodymium magnets is from old Hard Drives. Though they are not the best for making a speaker. Those magnets tend to be flat and curved. Where you need a cylinder magnetized axially.
argha halder (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
my thought was wrong.i got a new concept i got those magnets and used it to make a speaker mini one.and it worked.the speaker gives good sound.the coil i made was small.but worked.thanks very very much.
argha halder (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
thanks i got magnets from the hard drive.powerfull one.but although not suitable for making speaker but increased my thanks
rickharris1 year ago
There are LOTS of suppliers as a Google search will tell you

You don't give your location so a more indicative answer isn't possible.
He said he lives in Bangladesh and online shopping isn't an option.
OK must read more carefully - In which case the OP is in a far better place to judge where to get the magnets he wants - as most of us don't do a lot of shopping around Bangladesh!