where would I look to find a 12v. linear actuator? Looking to recycle something that contains this.


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junkyard power seats from 80's gm cars used something like an actuator to move the seats. probably dont move far. its worth a shot though. since they were used in cars they are probably 12v. i was thinking of using some to make an "hydraulic" suspension for my sons power wheel
The cheapest way I can think of is a satellite dish actuator.

If you buy a dish acturator be sure and check the voltage.  Mine was 48 volts dc.
They DO run undervoltage though...The OP hasn't given us any speed to work with.

excaza7 years ago
What kind of stroke and load capacity are you looking for?  You may be able to build your own with a threaded rod, worm screw, and an electric motor.  I've also seen a few plow frames that use linear actuators instead of a chain/winch system, so you could check those as well.  I can't think of anything else other than just purchasing one, which I'm assuming is your last resort.