where would you get 1000 tabs


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lemonie8 years ago
Burf has probably guessed right, but do be aware that "tabs" has more than one meaning. A person might go to a dispensing chemist, or a supermarket for 1000 tabs.

Or to a stationary/office-supply store.
Indeed, or work very hard going around 1000 bars, that is a question that would take a bit of answering...

But a worthy endeavor if ever there was one.
Mmm, bars don't do tabs around me, but think how drunk a person could get without paying up-front?

It's like a beautiful dream....
One of my favorite films is Mr Jolly Lives Next Door, there was a full script on the internet, but it seems to have disappeared... At one point they tip £3,000 on the bar and ask for 1574 gin and tonics (large ones). Afterwards they find a note to Mr Jolly saying "Take out Nicholas Parsons-"

Never seen it, but it sounds interesting,
or, if you could still find it, that would work out to 166 and 2/3 six packs of diet cola. ("Tab", being a brand name for a diet cola that was sold during the 1970s and 1980s in the US)
It's still being made and sold in the US and I still hate the taste.
Huh...I though they put in the ObsoleteBin...I never see it on the shelves anymore...tastes like stale pepsi with just a hint of chalk.   blech. no loss if they had, but I suppose there are still womenfolk who like it.
Or perhaps to an unlicensed "dispensing chemist" for a similar, but very different kind of tab.
Burf8 years ago
See if you can buy them from an aluminum can recycling center.