where's a good site for Philips wiring diagrams/schematics?

looked hi and low online to no avail, Philips cust. support is no help at all
Lkg. for a boombox schematic in particular

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NachoMahma7 years ago
. Give us a model number and we might be able to help find what you need.
kalanikaau (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
It is a Philips AZ 1564/17
Thanks in advance !
framistan7 years ago
I have used 2 ways to find schematics. The first method is to go to GOOGLE and type the brand and model number inside quotes like this "pioneer sx828" and then the word schematic outside the quotes. then hit SEARCH. The second way is to go to an fcc.gov website and type in the fcc id number for the device. There is extensive instructions from another INSTRUCTABLE on how to do this here it is. ....


or if that link doesn't work, just search instructables for "find schematics" and it should come up with it.
lemonie7 years ago

What is this thing (specifically, like model number?)

sobreiral1 year ago

I have a old philips tv power supply TYPE:V26C565/43 Nº127773 195W.

Needing a schematic diagram .

Thanks for The Trouble.