which 3d game engine should I use?

I want to make a 3d game (in c++ or c#, I'm not sure yet which one i'll use) so I'm looking for an open source 3d game engine in c++ or C#.
I've found some engines like irrlicht, crystalspace3d and ogre3d already, of those 3 I like irrlicht the most but since there are hundreds of engines available I'm not sure whether this is the best one.
which one would you suggest and why?

budhaztm5 years ago
I would recommend using blender. Although its not in any C based language it is very easy to use and its free. Its an all-in-one program too. Meaning you can create all of the models,textures, and videos for your game in blender itself.
yokozuna6 years ago
Blender is a free 3D game engine, and has lots of supporting documentation and a pretty active community. Unless you need it to be specific to the C language family, that is what I would use to build your game.
FoolishSage6 years ago
Unity engine is quite good. I dont think it is actually open source but it is free.you can program in C# or a bunch of other .Net languages and has a pretty good community and literature.