which absorbs heat better,gloss black or flat black?

heat absorbtion-gloss black or flat black-which is better?

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It is scientifically proven that matte black is the most heat conductive.
YES, ITS flat Black, is this for a solar heater
seandogue7 years ago
What really absorbs "best" is whatever color most efficiently converts the wavelength into mechanical motion at the molecular and atomic level.

for broad spectrum absorption, flat black in general, although paint chemistry, coating thickness, and the makeup of the underlying substrate all affect wavelength absorption (and retention).

iPodGuy7 years ago
Flat black.  The glossier the finish, the more it reflects.
orksecurity7 years ago
Remember, however, that flat black also _radiates_ heat most efficiently. The outsides of cooking pots are traditionally polished because that reduces heat loss, and yields a net gain in efficiency even though it gives up some absorption.

Lemonie's pointer to "black bodies" is a good one; that will get you closer to the Whole Truth.

(Many years ago, a professor very kindly and patiently explained this symmetry to me, after I thought I'd discovered a way to make heating systems more efficient. I should have realized that if it was that simple someone would have beaten me to it, but... Oh well, it was a fun design exercise while it lasted.)
lemonie7 years ago
Matt black (flat), but it is wavelength dependent. If you want to choose paint for a heat-absorbing device go for matt/flat.
If you're really interested: black bodies

andreblue7 years ago
flat cause it has less of a mirror effect as to a gloss which is made to reflect light to make it look better.
Kiteman7 years ago
Matt black.
Without a doubt, Flat Black.
The less reflective surface will absorb more heat,
Flat. Though appearances can be deceiving.