which capasitors and resistors shold i use to convert 12v to 3v and again to 12v for rc circuit

please answer me as soon asa possible!

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-max-11 months ago

If you think you can use capacitors and resistors to convert 3V to 12V, then you should really do some more basic searching, I don't know where you got that idea from. :/


Read up on resistor dividers and capacitor dividers if you want to learn more about those. You can in some cases use diodes and capacitors to boost voltage (voltage boosting circuits) but they are not that great.


I'm reluctant to just give you the answers you want, as I fear you are asking frantically to get answers to an ECE exam or something.


You CANNOT use a resistor divider power anything. The voltage will sag as you draw any amount of current from the "output" of a resistor divider.

Downunder35m11 months ago

If you want to use capacitors and resistors to "convert" voltages then you need to do more reading.
Same for us once you actually provided the required details to answer your question.

-max- Downunder35m11 months ago

I think he means 'RC' referring to radio control, rather than resistor-capacitor circuits. Agreed, he should research it a bit more, there is notthing complicated about this stuff.

-max- -max-11 months ago

Actually, I'm not convinced that's what he meant either... :/ Umm...

rickharris11 months ago

Most RC systems I have seen used 5 volts derived from the battery via a BEC which is made for this purpose.

Your telling us very little about what your trying to do so we may not be offering the right advce.

Could use a linear voltage regulator, a switching voltage regulator, a buck converter or a voltage divider circuit using resistors. It really depends on whether your priority is cost or efficiency.

Also this question has already been asked: