which is more efective in a k'nex gun? one thick rubber band, or a few thin ones?

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~KGB~7 years ago
one thick one, i had 1 thick one for 6 months on guns and i stilll have it today!
NYPA8 years ago
Doesn't matter. The thickness doesn't affect the range. The LENGTH does. For example, a thin 64 is just as good as a thick 64. But thick ones will be stronger.
Thick rubber bands work better.  They do not break as easily and are harder to streach so they have more power.
it depends on the gun and situation in a knex war one or two thick ones are best as they are easier to replace but for really massive shots use some small ones and add more after the pin is pulled back this is my secret to getting massive ranges on small guns DONT TELL ANYONE!
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If you use thin ones, then ur not screwed if one breaks in the middle of combat.
but if 1 breaks that will reduce the range
and if you use a thick one and it breaks what happens?
Be prepared for that and carry extra bands with you.
then u r F****D lol
True, but only if you want something like a knex gun contest. If you just want to shoot some stuff, use thick.
knexsniper18 years ago
The thicker ones are the best because they are used for force, and when there is more force, then the bullet can travel farther and in turn, increas the accuracy. my sniper uses two #64 rubberbands and it shoots 80+ feet! It is very accurate and can shoot a water bottle from a distance of 50 feet accuratly. i hope that this helps! Good luck!
Add big ones to increase the strength dramatically and thin to fine tune.
Use thin ones, thick ones will result in a very hard to pull back firing pin.
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
From these answers so far, try getting something in the middle, but on the thin side. Try #64 rubber bands or surgical tubing for the best results.
jamie1313138 years ago
dsman1952768 years ago
unlike what the others said, i find it like this: fat rubber bands give more power, are harder to pull back, and break less of the time(due to the size of the rubber band) thin rubberbands seem to give more range(not kidding, this is only true if the gun has a big pull back through, because that range is due to the fact that thin rubberbands can stretch more, making the firing pin pick up more speed, which is what give the ammo it's range), are easier to pull back, and break more then the thick ones(because the thin rubberbands have a thinner "body", and are more prone to be rubbed down easier) take your pick.
DJ Radio8 years ago
1 thick rb. It gives you more power.
TigerNod8 years ago
Just use a lot of big ones, and if you are really after some serious power, use everything you have: both big and small!
The Jamalam8 years ago
depends. I use lots of very thick ones :D
It all depends on how much you use. 1 fat rubberband is about the same as 4-5 regular bands.
Wafflicious8 years ago
Use both!
dynno978 years ago
for RBG: thin ones work best, for real knex guns: use thick bands
One thick one usually is better.
try a lot of thick bands.
maid638 years ago
many thin ones take up a lot of space and it wastes a lot, but thick ones take up less space, and they waste very little and also, the small ones break very easily
Der Bradly8 years ago
Use one big one
I like strings of thick ones. They get great power and dont wear out.
ajleece8 years ago
one thick one. if you use thin ones they wear out too soon!