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it was a huge round one..purple

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xiaopohai7 years ago
seandogue8 years ago
Best advise is per Lemonie...Ask your host for her/his recipe. If it's like most recipes, it's been tweaked by someone's family over the years, and the details they have will be critical in re-creating the results...
Z..8 years ago
NO! I know it wasn't samosa-I was answering Lemonie on that one.

My Gran is Pakistani. I am a mongrel - we have the best temperament {o_-}

Keema is mincemeat curry.
If it is mixed with Paneer (cheese): Paneer Keema.
Potato: Aloo Keema.
Spinach: Saag Keema.

It has been cooked 'dry'. For a long time as I said, but the liquid has been allowed to dry off-leaving an intensely flavoured meat which is wonderful with naan.

I think that is what you are referring to...., but I didn't eat it. Unfortunately.

Z..8 years ago
Lemonie, that was a samosa. It is usually made with a besan (chickpea flour) pastry, and then filled cornish pasty style...., but with spices!!

That is Keema. Keema is minced meat! To get a much smoother effect, you cook for much longer, so that each 'grain' of meat kind of melts down.

My grandmother used to make it this way. Minced meat lends itself beautifully to spices!

(General: Is there somewhere on this page that I can find the posters ID? I keep forgetting, and have to go back to 'Answers' to get it).
lemonie Z..8 years ago
No, it was a Cornish pasty - point illustrated (insufficient data).

The rest of your comment describes the thing rather well.

. Cornish <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Burlesque-Pasties/">pasties</a>?<br />
"Don't be facetious Geoffrey"

Re-design Z..8 years ago
Look over to the right under "Info".  That is the question poster's info.
Z.. Re-design8 years ago
Got it! Thanks.
lemonie8 years ago
Like Burf suggests: if it was made at your friend's house the name and recipe are over there.
I ate a meat and potato pasty yesterday in the shape of a semi-circle, would you be able to tell me what it's called and give me the recipe?

Burf8 years ago
Can't you ask your friend? If you only had the name for the dish, it would be a whole lot simpler to find a recipe. 
Short  of that, I'd recommend you do an image search using your key words and see if you find something that looks like the dish you ate.