which stretchable conductive fabric to be used for elbow joint movements?

i am working on human posture detection using stretchable conductive fabric .i am currently using eoentyx stretchable fabric and jersey conductive fabric but it is not showing much variations so please suggest me which fabric to be used for this application. i have read papers that ppy coated fabrics are good for it . which i am using is very sensitive  and there is no constant increase or decrease in resistance.after washing also it gives reading of huge difference.

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iceng2 months ago

How is the fabric attached to skin tissue ?

Are you using a battery instrument amplifier with RF = wifi transmission for over coming DC bias issues ?

PrincyR (author)  iceng2 months ago

i will attach the fabric sensor on the cloth not directly with the skin .. if ill move my joints then there will be stretch develop . but i m not sure that the fabric which m using is correct one. i have connected that cloth with the flora chip through conductive thread then i m taking data through USB but it was showing reistance in megaohms but when first i measured it it was 300-400 kohms with multimeter and arduino but yes when i m suddenly stretch it shows peaks .

iceng PrincyR2 months ago

Sounds like you are discovering the properties of piezoresistive sensing which is a high impedance very low current easily discharged material somehow combined with internal conductive threads and no real promise of repeatable output values from sensor to sensor... I think this material will need to be re-calibrated from motion to motion if you want to eventually describe the actual appendage new position after a movement.

steveastrouk2 months ago

Is your exisiting fabric stable, under test conditions. washes etc ?

If it is, improve your measurement system.

PrincyR (author)  steveastrouk2 months ago

no there is little variation in the resistance after washing. How can i improve my measurement system. I have used one known resistance of the same range to make it ohmmeter .

What SORT of resistance are we talking about ?

rickharris2 months ago

Concertina or bellows. Look at space suits or diving suits.