which wifi antenna setup is better?

Hi, I currently have an antenna in form of 12" dish and alfa 1w usb nic with 5db eboit antenna in the middle and I get signal from 1km range but I will be moving to an half island and there is internet about 1.5 km away. is the fallowing antenna any better then my setup? can you compare.


thank you fellow wifi geeks..

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jonnybo1116 years ago
There isn't enough info to go on there. I would suggest that a 12" dish has a better gain than the antenna style there - check the maths yourself
celalboz (author)  jonnybo1116 years ago
I guess what i ask is that tube antenna

does deliver 32dbi gain or not?
what say you? thanks..
Treat it like a cantenna, what gain do they give typlically ?

celalboz (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
so, if the above tube contains a cantenna or either a yagi d antenna in it, gain is around 15 bdi not 30~ like advertised in the link. I would just build a umbrella size dish and place my alfa in the center I guess. thanks
Vyger6 years ago
Your profile didn't say where you are from. In my opinion I think you should go with true long range stuff. Like what I have here:


I have some older Smart Bridge Total radios now also. The Total model includes an internal antenna so all you do is plug in a CAT5 cable and that is it. The power comes over the CAT5 and the units are sealed and designed for outside mounting. They are older models and they only go to 10 MBPS but that is fine for most internet which often doesn't go over 1 MBPS.
If it sounds interesting to you let me know.