which would you rather build?

a segway or a concept atv like the one in the picture if they cost the same or would you rather build a go kart for about $100 less?

Picture of which would you rather build?
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I think it would be cool to do the atv thingamajiger... if thats a word
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author) 6 years ago
wow 2 votes atv 2 votes go kart still a hard desicion
seandogue6 years ago
The four-wheeler bike. Way cool. You got a pointer to plans?
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  seandogue6 years ago
it was a concept from segway so im guesstimating and making the plans once i make them i might be able to send them to you
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
I kinda like the concept atv!
Fizzxwizz6 years ago
I dunno, they both look pretty goofy and I'd look a little silly riding one of those. I'd go with the go-kart.
I've always wanted to build a go-kart. I plan on building a few once I finish school. So I'd go with the Go Kart
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  Spaceman Spiff6 years ago
thats your opinion so o.k once i get more comments i will decide