who created the universe?

I was thinking it was god but everyone is telling me otherwise, I still belive god created it, but what are your awnsers

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kelseymh3 years ago

You may believe whatever you want to believe. We can't tell you otherwise. If you're asking about facts, or about our best physical and scientific understanding of the Universe, you should consider rephrasing your question.

Otherwise, your question is troll-bait and will likely be flagged as Inappropriate.

Greetings Doc. Long time no see, I mean hear, I mean read. I think you just outed another troll.

actually, i think it was the little debris dust gathered all up in the universe and the sun was warm like hot so then the dust collided bye:)

Triclaw3 years ago

The Flying spaghetti monster

VitaminX3 years ago

"My DAD created the Universe" - Jesus will reply like this.

MYawar3 years ago

the one who created IT! was... was...wasss..., the one who created IT!.

I think I read somewhere it was Al Gore


who created the universe, and this was sometime in the 1980s, I think.

Or maybe I've got that mixed up somehow. It might have been that Al Gore invented the Internet.

I think Al Gore invented Global Warming too. I seem to recall him giving a PowerPoint(r) presentation about that.

Anyway, Saint Gore has done a bunch of really important stuff, so it may very well be the case he played some small role in the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth.

I mean, I'm pretty sure that Almighty God did most of the heavy lifting, like the creating light from darkness, separating the waters above and below the firmament, and that sort of thing. But Al Gore helped. I'm certain of that. For example, it was Al Gore who thought up the names for all the different animals God created.

maybe you should watch the debate between Bill Nye (Science) and Ken Ham (God) and see if you get any new info that might help you solidify your belief

Vyger3 years ago

What is the point of your question? If you rely on what everyone else says as your source of truth then what is the point of asking? If you are looking to what I say as truth are you not simply including me in the class of everyone else? What do you accept as the source of truth? Is it just what everyone else says? Are you going on the principle of believing that what the majority of people think must be correct since it is what the majority think? If that is the case then your reasoning is very flawed because the majority of people have often had very wrong ideas throughout history. First, determine what you want to accept as your source of truth. Research it and find out, don't just accept what everyone says because its the popular answer. For example, If you happen to decide that the Bible is God's word of truth and as such is the source of truth then read it to find the answer to your question. It might surprise you to discover that you can get the answers for yourself.

sf49ers3 years ago