who do you think the best musician off all time is??

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acidbass6 years ago
ME!!!! jk I am a musician but not famous I suggest daft punk eventhough they are more so composers and producers but they are still musicians
2hot2hack (author)  acidbass6 years ago
daft punk is cool
they are the shiznit
nurdee15 years ago
Charlie Daniels and Steven Tyler are both on top of my list.
frollard6 years ago
Comedic Genius: "Weird Al Yankovic
2hot2hack (author)  frollard6 years ago
hav you seen his interview with eminem on youtube. i cried coz it is so funny
orksecurity6 years ago
Better topic for the Forums than for Answers.
onrust6 years ago
Frank Zappa
craftyv6 years ago
An Australian (Brittish born) jazz singer, trumpet (or fluglehorn). He has a very mellow sound which I love. after consideration I can't say the greatest, because that is so subjective. Vince Jones.
kelseymh6 years ago
Johann Sebastian Bach. Name anyone else, living or dead, who can compose a three-part fugue extemporaneously, and follow it up with a six-part fugue on the same theme.
2hot2hack (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
i read half off your answer and i got headache coz it sounds complicated.
Read the first 3 words, then smile and nod. Kelsey is pretty much correct.
2hot2hack (author)  frollard6 years ago
So look up the name in Wikipedia, and you can learn more.