who is the father of science?

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bsubedi4 years ago
Big Bang is the father of Science... because it is the last thing we know about how it all started first...how the science started...
hdas15 years ago
i think sir issac newton is the best choice
hdas15 years ago
i think that father is charles darwin or stephen hawkins
bloodymary76 years ago
Aristotle is the father of science.
Father of science is Arkimedes!
vmiryn6 years ago
vmiryn6 years ago
the father of science is galileo
marvintisoy8 years ago
the father of science maybe the father of ALBERT EINSTIEN
Dr.Bill8 years ago
kelseymh8 years ago
In terms of Western science, Kiteman is correct to cite Ibn al-Haytham. He developed the same hypothesis-testing model of the "Scientific Method" as Francis Bacon, more than half a millenium earlier.

I'm not sure I would count the Aristotelians as "scientists" in the modern sense -- they forumulated many of their theories on philosophical and logical principles, rather than by induction from observation. They also didn't put as much stock in testing their theories against reality as we do.

It is well known that Chinese technological developments predated comparable work in Europe by many centuries. However, those developments were essentially empirical, with no systematic theoretical background or "philosophy of science." As is noted in the Wikipedia article, the Taoist philosophy of complexity may have significantly "repressed" (not deliberately, just by existing) the formulation of a hypothesis-testing "scientific method" in China.
Cthulu8 years ago
Bill Nye The Science Guy.
brandegor8 years ago
Mother Nature.
Kiteman8 years ago
It depends on your context.

In "the West", the first scientists were probably Aristotle and his contemporaries.

However, the first scientist in the modern sense (one who subjects a hypothesis to a physical test) was arguably Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham.