who likes undermig's paper guns?

if you do can you pleeeeeeease go on his orange board and tell him okay? if you don't he won't post them. thanks.

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Undermig8 years ago

this is how to make it TY FOR VOTING FOR ME haha
knexsniper18 years ago
i like them, does that win me best anser? :P
chopstx (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
no. nice try though. lol
lol, i knew it wouldn't work, but it was fun to say that either way. lol!
Obito8 years ago
i was talking about undermig. but yeah nice guns.
Obito8 years ago
i think your guns are nice, BUT SLOW DOWN LOL! you speak really really randomly lol. it's like you have a supeer sugar rush hehe
chopstx (author)  Obito8 years ago
who, me or undermig?
undermigs paper guns rock
Undermig8 years ago
yea haha well cause i see you are supportive on my paper gun ima post this gun https://www.instructables.com/id/FULL_AUTO_MATIC_PAPER_GUN/ but wath i want to post guns are subxcrivers ty for this post love Undermig