whose car is better? you be the judge.?

well, whose car is better? Mine, or Selizona's?

heres a link to Selezoina's Slideshow. https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Vexion/

heres a link to mine https://www.instructables.com/id/My-Knex-Vehicles-1/

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webby4277 years ago
Function - ksm
Form - Selez

With guns its function over form, but is it the same with cars
luke11wolf6 years ago
selzonia's is better
~KGB~7 years ago
i think the top 1 because its more complex, and i like things that are complex!
jingo69 ~KGB~6 years ago
I dont think the top one is complex and I dont like the looks but does look strong
~KGB~ jingo696 years ago
Acepilot42 (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
who knows, maby his bottom is very flimsy! and my big car had 2wd and INDIPENDENT suspension!! have you seen that before?!
YES my rally car has it andlooks cool as a mustang... could I add my car to the competition?!
knex car1.jpgknex car2.jpgknex car3.jpgknex car4.jpgknex car11.jpgknex car12.jpgknex car9.jpgknex car10.jpgknex car5.jpgknex car6.jpgknex car13.jpg
Acepilot42 (author)  jingo696 years ago
sorry the contest is over... nice build tho that looks great!

I dont think I posted the instructable properly but you can find it in my instructables name.
Thanks for the best answer
Acepilot42 (author)  webby4277 years ago
ya welcome. can you rate it please?
I did, sorry its late.
Acepilot42 (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
have you seen that before?!!!!!!!! ooh did you see my radial engine also?
Acepilot42 (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
 did you like it????? besides for the blurry pic
yep, its pretty good...
Acepilot42 (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
no prob!
Acepilot42 (author) 6 years ago
a/c cobra...????????????
sorry i got you confused with someone else!
Acepilot42 (author)  jingo696 years ago
GTRPLR19957 years ago
No offense but selezoina's has more detail.
Acepilot42 (author)  GTRPLR19957 years ago
i only concetrated on function
oh well in that case yours is better. lol
Acepilot42 (author)  GTRPLR19957 years ago
juneapaluna7 years ago
I like Seleziona's better
Acepilot42 (author)  juneapaluna7 years ago
gah another person who voted for him, whats so special about his?? it has NOO function at all.
DJ Radio7 years ago
The one that's not yours.
Acepilot42 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
please state why.
 your room needs to be cleaned but both are equal in my eyes just in diferent ways
Acepilot42 (author)  acidbass7 years ago
dude thats my workspace, not my room. its gonna be messy.
 then clean your workspace a guy got fired at the yamaha dealerships shop cuz he didnt clean up after fixing a bike
Acepilot42 (author)  acidbass7 years ago
 yeah bad crap happens when you dont clean up
Seleziona7 years ago
Acepilot42 (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
il do it tomorrow!
Acepilot42 (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
nah next week
LOLZ< i know you're kidding! :P
lemonie7 years ago
Definitely Selizona's it micturates all over yours.


Acepilot42 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
what does micturate mean?
(Oh and I did the same to Selzonia)

Acepilot42 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
micturate means to eliminate urine...
I was only kidding, really, I meant no offense. dictionary. It features in The Big Lebowski with regard to a rug.

onrust lemonie7 years ago
I got it!
All dude wanted was his rug back.
Acepilot42 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
so do you favor mine or do you just dont care?
I think both are good but in different ways.

Acepilot42 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
thats what i think, and selezoina's all "oh mine will own yours in everythin"
onrust7 years ago
I like yours.   BUT, next time take more care when taking your photos.  Your car is more technically proficient and would look much better in good lighting.  Also,  CLEAN YOUR ROOM DUDE!!!!!!!
Acepilot42 (author)  onrust7 years ago
thats my knex workspace dude... it's gona be messy
Seleziona7 years ago
OMG! My name is spelled wrong! FIX IT!
Acepilot42 (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
THAnks again for my 3400th comment!!!!
Acepilot42 (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
what?! i only have 179!!!!!