whta color should an engine be for the thomas flyer?

i have a model Thomas flyer, its an old car that went on a big race, what color should the engine b? its blue right now, but im not sure

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Burf7 years ago
Many years ago I went through Harrah's auto museum in Reno and they had a 1907 Thomas Flyer on display. As I recall it, the top half was black and the bottom half was either silver or unpainted metal. I do recall that there was a lot of polished brass under the hood, intake manifold, etc.
dimaxion6 years ago
The silver or aluminum of the day ,allot of it was unpainted steel . Aluminum was not as user friendly as today's Aluminum . Most of the Vehicle Makers advioded this material if they were small concerns . It helped to cause many to fail trying to 'fix' problems associated with the metal . Yeah , the steel rusted quickly . Soo . the silver paint . Black ansd silver was the method in the day . Brass was a bonus th dress it up . Thanx ..
the poodleo (author) 7 years ago
ty. i got it for my birthday from my moms friend. i was going to paint it gloss black. if anyone makes scale model cars, theres crome, which is basically very shinny silver metal, but this model has brass. i was just wondering, what color would you say it was when you said that it was unpainted, like what color. also, do you mean the cylinders where black and the block is silver or unpainted. anyways, ty.
Yep, the cylinder bank was black and the lower engine block was silver or unpainted aluminum. They had the car roped off and I couldn't get close enough to it to be certain which.
lemonie7 years ago
I don't know, but I found this:
I'd go for black myself.