why did my usb ports stop working?

usb ports are not working, i updated all mobo drivers-unplugged- and did all I know how tmy card readers and usb ports are not recognized by my computer anymore.
any help?

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Motta7 years ago
I had a similar problem,...
After a power failure, an ALL-IN-One printer who was plugged by usb burn my mobo... So sandly it might have been your problem... darn hp aio!
lemonie7 years ago
You've missed something out here.
When did they stop working?
What did you do / what happened around that point?
You're telling us what you tried to fix the problem, but not how it came about.

Karletto5557 years ago
open start > settings > control panel > system > hardware tag > device manager
than on the bottom of the list press the square infront of 'universal  serial bus controllers'. check, if controllers are enabled (by pressing on the controller) and that "the divice is working properly".
hope it helps
pastordk43 (author)  Karletto5557 years ago

thanks Karletto555
already went that route

pastordk43 (author)  pastordk437 years ago
to no avail