why did you change the instructables format?

why did they change the way instructables is organized? and why use google custom search? the old search was way better.

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lemonie7 years ago
It's the escheton - the stars and planets say this is right (now)

Don't Let THEM Immanentize the Eschaton!
(thank you)

Gawd bless you...You need a Kleenex to go with that?

wtf is immanentize? ;-)

I would explain, but as it turns out, wiki does it way better than I could:


I lifted the phrase from Illuminatus & Principia Discordia, with no idea that it had a history beyond those works. Learn sumthin' new every day....
 Ah...Now I grok 

Pretty deep...
Of course, the real deep philosophical question on this thread is "WTF happened to Lemonie's post that I had originally replied to?" Poof. Gone.
Hmm..still there, if I'm seeing things right.  hint: scroll up ;-)

Lemonie said "It's the escheton - the stars and planets say this is right (now)"
Argh. It's back. When I send my earlier comment, it was nowhere to be seen - my first comment was directly under (and seemingly attached to) onrust's "I don't know what i did". Sheesh.

Michael Stipe & Freddie Mercury?

onrust7 years ago
I don't know what I did?  
Can you help me get it back?
Re-design7 years ago
THe owners of the site do research on who and how the site is used and made their change based on that.  They feel that the new features make for a cleaner easier to use site.

If you click on "Graphical Search" just to the right of the search button it will give you a search that is somewhat similar to the old search.