why do people confuse renaissance for the middle ages?

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Perhaps you mean the Carolingian Renaissance, which was part of the Middle Ages?
The renaissance that most people use the term to describe, the Italian (though it encompassed all of Europe) Renaissance, began in the 14th century. The historical era known as the Middle Ages ended in the 15th century, so the two eras overlapped by roughly 100 years.
ElvenChild6 years ago
well translated "renaissance" means rebirth and it happened during the middle ages. It was an explosion of art culture and technology which had not been seen since the fall of Rome
DrBrown8 years ago
You mean like the "renaissance fair" in the freecreditreport.com commercial?
jtobako8 years ago
Because they never knew or never cared? For the same reason that it's 'jurassic park' when all the dinos were from the cretaceous era?
talty8 years ago
They do? Never seen it. You really surprised me there! I can't even imagine who or how.