why does everybody hate block trigers on knex guns?

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Mr. Stealth8 years ago
First of all they are too basic and make a Knex gun not look like a real gun. On this site, many of us Knexers don't use the primitive block trigger because it is so "cannibal-ish." There are plenty of guns out there that don't use block triggers and work as good, maybe even better than block triggers. Here is a great list of knex builders without block triggers and other projects. Hope this helps!
Jesus. (author)  Mr. Stealth8 years ago
it did help!! ty!! a lot
Your welcome. You seem to be new to the Knex community so WELCOME.
Some people on the list did post block triggers, but then the ibles got deleted.
Oh. Did they delete them?
TheDunkis8 years ago
Why does this question get asked over and over without research before hand? Anyways it's not really the block triggers them selves that are hated just the tube guns that they are associated with. There was a time when nearly half the guns posted where little tube guns with block triggers. Eventually we called them block trigger guns. More or less we don't like block triggers because they are over used and not as realistic with a side ways pull. However they are very reliable and when hooked up to a real trigger they turn into an awesome combo.
I agree with you that they are way more reliable and easier to pull back than true triggers. You can't really go wrong with them. (Which is probably bad, because then everyone can make one. Which means everyone posts theirs. Which means there are loads of really crap guns out there.)