why does my PC shuts down USB ports?

my PC (a new HP, recently installed windows 7) shuts down the USB ports on an irregular basis.
when i dont use it for a while (say 5 min) it shuts down the screen and such to save power, but it doest shut down USB ports.
then, when i move my mouse everything starts up again, with one problem, it stops USB stuff after 5 secs.
becouse i dont have PS2 ports on the PC, the only way to get USB mouse/keyboard back is turning the PC off and on.

this problem always was on the PC, worse with vista (like everyday once or twice) but now with windows 7 (free upgrade FTW) it happens alot less.
fact remains that it is frigin anoying since ive gotta restart everything and i cant even save stuff. (thank god for auto save)

why does this happen, and how can i fix the problem?

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lemonie7 years ago
Have you checked the Power Management settings?

godofal (author)  lemonie7 years ago
theres nothing there about USB

and whats that frigg about?
lemonie godofal7 years ago
See this page, try the fixes listed?

(You said "it is frigin anoying", should have more 'g's in it...)

godofal (author)  lemonie7 years ago
that site looks promising, il look into it when i have the time.

so, friggin comes from that frigg goddess? (btw, i know about that 2 G's, it was a typo)
lemonie godofal7 years ago
No it doesn't actually, but the (slang) meaning is less wholesome...

orksecurity7 years ago
Depending on how your machine behaves and what you're trying to do, using a separately-powered USB hub may help. (Or may not.)
godofal (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
but then u would assume that the data streams off the USB ports do work?
Without the PC (or more accurately, a USB host) controlling it, there is no USB protocol and no data transfer. My mistake; I assumed you were only asking about power.

I agree with the others that if the PC is running but USB isn't, this sounds most likely to be a problem in your system's power management settings. Second most likely would be a problem in the drivers, or in the devices.

One thing you can try, which worked for me a year ago when I had a similar problem: If you lose a device, unplug it from the USB port, wait a moment, then plug it back in. That may be enough to wake up the driver.
godofal (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
did that, doesnt work
its kinda strange, both mouse and keyboard are connected to a wireless receiver, and when they stop working, that wireless receiver still has power, and the led that blinks when its receiving data still blinks, but the mouse/keyboard doesnt do anything on the screen.
but, when i take it out and then plug it back in, it stops even with that blinking as if theres no power.
my guess is that it normally boots when u plug it in and its found by the PC, and then keeps working till the power is gone, but when i take it out and plug it in its not found by the PC anymore, and thus my guess would be that power works, but the data streams wont...