why is my hamster so awake?

why is hamster awake so much at night

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FrozenIce7 years ago
they are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and they are awake during the night, i had to make a presentation about my hamster at school because my hamster gave birth and now my hamster called Claymore has a facebook fan page! she has 52 fans!
Cool, 52 fans for a Hamster! :) My hamster used to keep me up all night. They do that because they are nocturnal. It helps to remove noise makers, like wheels, overnight.
lemonie7 years ago
Hamsters are nocturnal. Naturally, they don't come out in the day 'cos they'd most likely get eaten by predators. Yes they do make poor-pets, unless you're nocturnal too...

 If you keep the hamster in the dark half the day and under a light half the night, it may be possible to keep your hamster asleep when you are.

Otherwise your hamster is going to be awake at dawn and dusk as hamsters naturally are.


Job-related stress.
Doctor What7 years ago
JimFlo7 years ago
Nocturnal rodents.
Absolutely correct.