why is my hp photosmart 6510 printer not printing black after i put a new catridge?

jevora3 years ago

Did you check if your printer cartridge is doing well or not? Maybe you are out of black ink. You should use an hp laserjet 1320 for this. I assure you, you wont have problems like this anymore. So get one and see for yourself.

If you have reset the printer after installing the new cartridge like mpilchfamily said the most likely cause is the printer head needs cleaning.

HP printers need the ink cartridges settings reset when you replace the cartridge, if you did not reset the ink cartridge settings on the printer, the printer thinks it is still out of ink and it wont work.

Because the head is clogged with old dry ink. Run it through a few cleaning cycles and if that doesn't work then you'll need to clean the head. There should some instructions for removing the head and cleaning it somewhere with the paperwork that came with the unit, or on the includded CD.