why is there to shift keys on my laptop?

i have a macbook and there is two shift keys 

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Kiteman7 years ago
There are two shift keys on most keyboards - it depends whether you are left or right-handed, or if you type single-handed (right thumb on the left shift, the rest of your hand can reach the left half of the keyboard, right little finger on the right shift, and your other fingers can reach the right of the keyboard).

Re-design7 years ago
In high school typing class we were taught to use the opposite shift key from the hand typing the letter.  Like when I typed the "L" I used the left shift.
I started guessing at that, but concluded "that would be it" - you agree with me then?

Yep. If you touch-type at any significant speed, you use both.
Yes.  I didn't  read yours all the way thru but you said it first!
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  H  =  one shift key
H  = two shift keys
.  j/k. see Kiteman's answer.
thats a win..a win indeed 
lemonie7 years ago
In addition to Kiteman, this was common on typewriters (which keyboards derive from). Trained typists would spend a lot of time (without a mouse), both hands on the keys. The SHIFT keys operated a common mechanism to shift the roller up such that uppercase type hit the paper. The hand they used for SHIFT depended upon the other hand they were using for the letter. See "touch typing" for more.
Computer keyboards have evolved very little from the basic QWERTY typewriter layout, hence still two SHIFT keys on most.