why wont my ibook turn on when pluged in but runs fine off battery?

yeah my ibook recenly stopd working it run off battery but wont charge and wont run off the ac charger iv been through 3 new chargers

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Goomanhimer (author) 8 years ago
ok well i took it apart again tonight and i looked at the dc board realy good and i found the one of the metal contacts had came unsoldered and i solderd it and now it works thanks for the help though
sound918 years ago
My friend's sister has one, and she had the same issue. The thing is that the standard charger can only handle to charge the computer. It can't handle charging the computer and running it at the same time. If you buy the next one up, it can do both simultaneously.
Goomanhimer (author)  sound918 years ago
hey thanks for your help but um i have the standerd apple charger and it dosent chardge at all and before the problem the same charger would charge and run the comp so thanks for ur help anyway
Ah, I understand now. Sorry that I misunderstood you.
Goomanhimer (author)  sound918 years ago
its fine i realy am thankfulll for your help um if u have anymore solutions u have heard let me know and ill give them a try
Joe Martin8 years ago
Check the Adaptor with a multimeter to see if that is working if that is it may be your power jack on the ibook, I believe that these are on a separate board to the logic board (motherboard) so they are quite easy to replace. Good luck!
Goomanhimer (author)  Joe Martin8 years ago
again not the adapter the computer i have an idea of what its is and if its what i think it is its not worth fixing i realy posted this for other solutions to try