why won't my parents let me have a cell phone?

why wont my parents let me have a cell phone that's all i wanna know gosh

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thegeeke4 years ago
I had a job at 14. I tried to convince my parents to let me pay for my own phone. They didn't budge. I didn't get one till I started driving (17... talk about protective parents!), and then very similar to the one that mpilchfamily describes, it had no texting, could make and receive calls with no problem, but it still had tracking on it so they could tell where I was. (Although I don't think my Mom knew how to use that feature, and my Dad didn't really ever use it either)

I thought my parents were the most unreasonable parents in the world. Even after I started paying my own cell bill (with the full blown texting, MMS, no GPS, and this new fanged thing called 3G), I found I didn't use it as much as I thought I would. I now use my phone for about 90% business, and 5% talking to friends and the other 5% talking to friends about business.

Which brings us back to: Ask your parents because we don't know you and therefore can't answer that for you, and why in the world do you need a phone?
iceng4 years ago
You are iresponsive to people who expect you to select one of them
as the best answer !

But then you ARE trying to convince your parents
that you would be responsible using a phone.

I wonder................................
knife1414 years ago
I think you should ask your parents.
how old are you?
Vyger4 years ago
Because they can't afford it and you won't pay towards it, and you will just run up the bill without being responsible enough to care.
The better question would be why do you need one?

If you need it to keep in touch with friends. That may not be good enough. Keep in mind your parents grew up in a time when only rich people had cell phones and they where the size of bricks. A time when everyone had land lines and kids where lucky if they had there own phone number much less a phone in there room.
You don't need a phone to communicate. I know my kids won't get a phone till they are about 13 or older. Even then it will be one that:
  • has no texting,
  • can receive calls
  • can only call out to parent's cell, home or 911
  • will have GPS tracking so i know where they are
Only after they have demonstrated they can keep track of the phone and not loose or damage it and they reach driving age will consideration be given to upgrade them to a basic flip phone without texting. But they have to earn that right. When they get a job and start making there own money then they can get whatever phone and plan they want.
blkhawk4 years ago
We can't read minds therefore we have no way to know why your parents don't want you to have a cell phone. As a parent I can say that phones are expensive and any calling plan in a year cost few hundred dollars and maybe they think that you are not mature enough to have a phone with you.
Burf4 years ago
It's just a guess on my part, but your choice of a nom de plume (your handle) would suggest an opening line of speculation.
kelseymh4 years ago
Could it be because you don't have a steady income to pay for it? Or maybe because you have not demonstrated to them (by actions, not by words) that you are sufficiently responsible to manage your usage of it, and the personal information you release to the world through it?