why would a 9v battery work?

i bought my new battery on a saturday but on monday it couldnt power my motor

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randofo27 days ago

Great question! I explain this in Lesson 4:


kacee_tech (author)  randofo26 days ago

I don't still get

kacee_tech (author)  kacee_tech26 days ago

It's new and cannot be recharged

It is because a 9V is made up of six small 1.5V cells wired in series to add up to 9V.

If you consider how much larger 6 AA batteries wired in series are compared to one 9V battery, it wouldn't be surprising that 9V batteries do not last very long. They produce high voltage, but cannot give much current for very long.

A motor would drain a 9V battery fairly quickly. As a general rule, the larger the battery, the longer the motor will run.

randofo randofo19 days ago

Or maybe I misunderstand your question... did you use the battery on Saturday...? Or was Monday the first time you used it...?

What is the voltage rating of the motor?