wifi board?

Hello MAM,can you suggest the cheapest wifi board that is programmable and cheapest board which is non programmable.Please answer this question as I am from poor background I find it difficult to purchase costly items.With due repect please answer!

bekathwia6 months ago

This class only uses the ESP8266, and links to several compatible boards. The NodeMCU is the lowest cost and seemingly most globally available board that will work with this class, however beware of manufacturing quality differences between vendors (you often get what you pay for with cheap clones: boards that don't work).


so please do not say that adafriut is the best to buy, because that is a bit what you say.

adafruit is in costs very expensive, even i don`t want to put money in that, i love it do, and it is a betifull line of amazing items, but NOT for the most of us to $$$.

and that i find pitty, because adafruit is for us, as they say.

i life in the Netherlands, do you know what it cost to ship it to me???

and from China a clone ( a clone in your eye`s ) 99% cheaper and FREE SHIPPING.

i rest my case.

but i am willing to test adafruit for you, send it, maybe also i will change my opinion if you care. ( thanx for ALL your help ) in the YT counter ible...

WannaDuino. www.wannaduino.com and YouTube of-course