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looks like it would work. Its not a bad deal ether, cheaper than buying a keyboard mouse and screen separately.
nerd7473 (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
it would? hmm I would have to be sure it is a $20 difference in prices so if the 100 works without being modded I will get that one over the 4g lapdock
should be the same process
nerd7473 (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
but wouldn't connecting the pi be a hardware issue?
hdmi is hdmi right?
usb is usb?
nerd7473 (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
yes but the lapdock itself may be an issue no idea
The lapdock is designed to connect to a Motorola Android based smartphone. The connection isn't compatible with the Pi. I'm sure it could be modded to work with the pi but you would probably need some added hardware to make it work. Such as a converter to take the HDMI of the Pi and convert it over to whatever format the dock is using for video.
nerd7473 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
I have seen the original work with the pi. is that so?
Ok looking into it more all you might need is an HDMI and USB adapters to make it work. Since the dock uses a mico HDMI and USB connector.
nerd7473 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
ok the original may work and the 100 wont?