will i damage the alternator if i run it lets say 20000 rpm?thanks?

just wondering

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lemonie8 years ago
20,000 is like the limit, Formula 1 type engine-speed. What do you propose to drive this with - a gas-turbine?

pfred28 years ago

"Alternators can take high speeds up to 20,000 RPMs for short periods"

Find the facts here:

brokengun8 years ago
I would suspect you would overheat the bearings and cause some sort of failure if you run it at that speed for any real amount of time.
vince 098 years ago
well if it is a high performance one you might get away with it for a few seconds but a standard one I think it will most likely damage it
S1L3N7 SWAT8 years ago
Why would you be running your engine at 20,000 rpm? The motor would probably give out before the alternator does.