will my four rabbit sbe ok out side during storms?

we live in nebraska wether changes suddenly a lot we have just orderd a hutch for them out side, they have been outside all day before but all come inside at night. it has been storming latly with a lot of thunder. i have read that they can die of being to scared. will they be ok being outside during thunder? they do will have shelter from the rain. also they are inside bunnies they sleep and are inside, will they be ok suddenly being outside all the time 24/7?

vivian20125 years ago
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rickharris5 years ago
Fine no problems.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Animals have way better hearing than humans, so even inside, they'll hear thunder. That being said, if they are not use to being outside at night, the change in routine can be confusing if not frightening.

If you're looking for alternatives (in respect to your first question), then I would not advise leaving them in a hutch for 2 weeks while you are away. You're goal should be to keep their routine as consistent as possible, so that may mean moving them to a friends or relatives or even paying someone to care for them for the time you are gone. (It would not be worth the heartbreak to find that they were distressed and something bad happened).

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It clearly can't worry 'em too much - there are plenty of rabbits out there....