will regular spray paint work on a nerf maverick?

i am going to paint a nerf maverick steam punk but i don't know what kind of paint to use because i've never done this before

Picture of will regular spray paint work on a nerf maverick?
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billybenj7 years ago
it probably will, make sure to sand the areas you're paintin first to get the paint to stick on better, and be careful when you paint it that the slide still works and the barrel still rotates. and you might want to take out the internal parts before you paint it.
seabananers (author)  billybenj7 years ago
thanks best answer
dernit! i was gonna say the EXACT same thing about sanding and all!!! BillyBenj has beaten me to it AGAIN
seabananers (author)  darknessfalls7 years ago
Sand it? I really want to paint my nerf guns, but im worried that the spray paint will clog up the workings of them. And ive now been hearing all about having to sand them, pull them apart, blardi-blah. Am i able to paint it safely without pulling it apart or destroying it?