will this gear setup work for an RC car?

for a while now i have been working on an rc car from almost scratch. i picked up a nice car for this on the clearance rack for $10, it already had a gearbox, but no gears. This was a pushtoy, after all.
abyways, i found gears and filled the gearbox. will this setup of gears work well for speed in my car? or will there be more torque? for the best speed, what does my setup have to be like?

(im using a high rpm motor, but not the one in the picture, the one in the picture absorbs way too much current)

Picture of will this gear setup work for an RC car?
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Try it, its tricky to calculate unless you really know more about the motor. Measure the gearbox ratio, measure the final drive speed with the motor running at maximum speed, and work out if that's fast enough or too fast.

zack247 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
well i got it done, and on 4.5v it doesn't go fast enough. i am running it on 9plus v though, and when i tired it with a 7.2v battery, it broke the bond the superglue made between the gear and the motor shaft. if i can, i am going to find some clay and make a mold so i can cast a new gear in epoxy that will fit the shaft right. i think it will work well, i am thinking that the larger gear on the motors driveshaft will be giving me more torque than one with a small gear, i think. that would mean i would have about equal torque and speed. in my case, there cant possibly be too much speed.

my car is about 1-1.5 centimetres off the gound. (this is the bottom of the chassis) it has oversize wheels and if i am lucky a powerful gearbox. do you think maybe i should post this car as a forum topic?
zack247 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i tried it with the older motor (in the pic, from a electric screwdriver, not a drill)
and it spun pretty fast, but when i put the wheel on (this is an oversized wheel) it started slow then gradually got faster. i dont know if this is because the batteries were almost dead (i had it running for a while because i had finally finished it after a couple hours) or if it was the motor or the gears. i got the new motor today, (from a tyco rc "terrain twister") and i just finished mounting it in the gearbox, i am waiting for the super glue to dry so the gear stays on nice and tight. i will probably try it tomorrow. will update .
lemonie6 years ago

That's a long gear=train, I don't think it's what you want.
Good high-speed motor with one high-reduction gearing. (powerful/fast will mean high-current)

zack247 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
i have a nsx-r rc a]that goes mighty fast and it says it has a 3 pinion gear system in it, does this mean the gearbox consists of only 3 gears or there are 3 other gears in it other than the necessary ones?
lemonie zack2476 years ago
I don't know too well, that was just my thoughts last night.
Super glue is probably not the best for this job, epoxy-paste may work better.

zack247 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
i have epoxy resin, is that the same as epoxy paste? i used it to fix the steering on another car, and it works fine, but there isn't really anything to glue to on this, i was thinking maybe i could get some clay, make a mold of the gear, and then use my epoxy resin to make a duplicate gear and then just drill a hole so it fits nicely on the shaft? would this work? or would the hardened resin shatter under load?
lemonie zack2476 years ago

The paste/filler is a bit more like clay. Resin isn`t great for these jobs but I'd thought you were just gluing something.

zack247 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
i am, im gluing the gear to the shaft of the motor.

i thought maybe i could make a duplicate of the gear that would fit on the shaft so that i wouldn't need glue.